Guest House Pretoria East | Pheasant Hill

Room Options

Executive Rooms

Pheasant Hill have 8 Executive Rooms all of which is situated around the swimming pool's courtyard, which neighbours onto the koi pond and main garden.

Family Room


Our spacious Family Room can accommodate from 3 - 5 people.  Two of the rooms share an adjoining bathroom.  The choice of family rooms available are all situated around the court yard area of the swimming pool.

Standard  Rooms

Our Standard Rooms are anything but Standard. They were the manor's original horse stables that are now converted into warming rooms that are nestled amongst lavish gardens and are comfortably decorated elegantly contemporary with a French Country Style palette.

Honeymoon Suite

Your Life Long Memories can start here - in our luxurious, yet homely honeymoon room cosily nestled amongst the lush gardens and well manicured topiary trees in the swimming pool courtyard.

Pheasant Hill B&B

a place to remember