Activities in the Surrounding Area

Pheasant Hill is ideally situated near numerous restaurants, bars, a beautiful Nature Reserve, various Museums, a quintessential Craft Market and popular strip mall

At Rietvleidam Nature Reserve

you can enjoy the following activities:

* Game Viewing

* Bird Watching

* Fishing at the dam

Rietvleidam Nature Reserve (2km away)

Route 21 Business Park


*  Smuts House (5km)

Craft Market

*  Irene Craft Market (5km)



Irene Village

* Dairy Farm

Indigenous Nursery

* Willow Feather Indigenous Nursery

* Petting Zoo / Animal Farm


*  Turkish Restaurant : Alla Turka

*  St. George's Hotel

For queries, directions or assistance regarding any of the venues or locations in the surrounding area please feel free to ask your hosts.